Internettechies presents Information Security Conference on "CASHLESS ECONOMY" @ ITC Grand CHOLA
01 july 2017


Information Security Conference "Towards a Secure Future"

Cyber Insurance

Security ROI?

Payments Using Block Chains

App Sec Trends


Cashless Future – A Layman’s Perspective

Cyber Law

Security Oriented Architecture – Payment Gateway


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About "Cashless Economy" conference

"Towards a Secure Future"
Who Can Attend?
Techies, Bankers, Professionals, Consultant, Trainers...

Cashless Economy – Towards a Secure Future WE are back with our second conference. This time the Topic we have chosen is the hottest and most widely discussed one. It’s about “Cashless Economy”. Though there are a lot of discussions and information available about this, the confusions and doubts regarding this topic outweighs the information available. So we from Internettechies have chosen the topic “Cashless Economy – Towards a Secure Future” to `discuss about the security angle of the topic and appease your doubts with a wide variety of topics. Lots of people from various industries have been invited to discuss about the impact and problems they face in their field and how to overcome them. We invite you to come and attend the conference and make your transition to Cashless Economy a smooth one. After all “Being informed is half the Battle won”.


Shri.A S Rajeev

Executive Director, Indian Bank

Mr.Ramkumar R

Director & CIO, Internettechies


Managing Director, Ujvala Consultants

Mr.Rajaram V

Chief Digital & Innovation Officer, Navya Insights


Director, Bharat RE Insurance


Country Manager, Transaction Network Services

Mr.Mohan Shankar

AVP, Temenos

Mr.Ganesan Ramani


Jean-Michel Azzopardi

Regional Sales Executive, Acunetix

Mr.Akash Agarwal

Regional Director (IMEA), EC-Council

Mr.Karthick Vigneshwar

Director & Technical Advisor, Infysec

Mr.Sathya Kumar

CEO, Tycoon+

Mr.PCR Suresh

Founder & CEO, Eastern Shepherd International

Dr.Rama K Subramanian

CEO, Valiant Technologies

Mr.Ramesh Kumar

CFO & COO, eNoah iSolution

Mr.Shivanath Somanathan

Head, Information Security, Verizon

Program Schedule
Start End Event Information
8.30 9.30 Registration Welcome Desk
09:31 10:15 Inauguration
10:16 11:00 Keynote Speech Mr.Ramkumar Ramachandran, Director & Chief Information Officer, Internettechies
11:01 11:30 Break Networking & Tea
11:31 13:00 Tech Talks Refer Speakers & Topics Mentioned Below
13:01 13:50 Break Lunch
13:51 16:10 Tech Talks Refer Speakers & Topics Mentioned Below
16:11 16:40 Break Networking & Hi-Tea
16:41 17:20 Tech Talks Panel Discussion - Cashless Economy - Convenience At What Price.
Chief Panelist: Dr.Rama K Subramanian,
Panelists: Mr.Ramesh Kumar, Mr.Shivnath Somanathan
17:21 17:30 Conclusion Vote of Thanks
Speakers and Topics
Track Start End Topics Speakers
Non Techie Track
A.1 11.41 12.20 Cyber Law Mr.Naavi
A.2 12.21 13.00 Architecting secure software solutions Mr.Rajaram
A.3 13.51 14.30 UPI & BHIM Mr.Sathya Kumar
A.4 14.31 15.10 Role of Technology Compliance in Cashless economy Mr.Ganesan Ramani
A.5 15.11 15.50 Cashless Future - Layman Perspective Mr.Suresh PCR
Techie Track
B.1 11.41 12.20 Payments Using Blockchain Mr.Praveen
B.2 12.21 13.00 Cyber Insurance Mr.Arunachalam
B.3 13.51 14.30 Security Oriented Architecture - Payment Gateway Mr.Mohan Shankar
B.4 14.31 15.10 App Sec Trends Mr.Karthick Vigneshwar
B.5 15.11 15.50 Security ROI? Mr.Jean-Michel Azzopardi

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